Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Rules: READ THEM!

I have received a lot of requests in reference to using some online slaves for entertainment purposes, many which beg to be exposed and humiliated!
Note: I will ONLY do this for those that pay upfront!
I am a Cash Master so for all you whiney piggy's who constantly complain about the entire financial domination fantasy out here, then do us all a favor and piss off now!
As a Cash Master and Professional Dominant: I do NOT give away anything for free - it is YOUR job to pay ME.

That means I will not as much pull my sock off or as much rub my dick without a payment first and you better not complain!

I will soon have a web store online soon and will be selling socks, underwear and whatever else I want to throw away. So if your interested in BUYING anything or if there's an item your interested in, let me know..

I am a REAL Master so you'd better be REAL when replying! If you come across as a mind-game player (and there's plenty of them out there) you WILL be EXPOSED as such! And you will serve as an example to those who only wish to play games with other Masters!

Last but not least, be respectful and be respectful to others!

Sir Ian

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