Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Rules: READ THEM!

I have received a lot of requests in reference to using some online slaves for entertainment purposes, many which beg to be exposed and humiliated!
Note: I will ONLY do this for those that pay upfront!
I am a Cash Master so for all you whiney piggy's who constantly complain about the entire financial domination fantasy out here, then do us all a favor and piss off now!
As a Cash Master and Professional Dominant: I do NOT give away anything for free - it is YOUR job to pay ME.

That means I will not as much pull my sock off or as much rub my dick without a payment first and you better not complain!

I will soon have a web store online soon and will be selling socks, underwear and whatever else I want to throw away. So if your interested in BUYING anything or if there's an item your interested in, let me know..

I am a REAL Master so you'd better be REAL when replying! If you come across as a mind-game player (and there's plenty of them out there) you WILL be EXPOSED as such! And you will serve as an example to those who only wish to play games with other Masters!

Last but not least, be respectful and be respectful to others!

Sir Ian

Cute gay boy slipping out of his flip flops and giving you perved fags a whiff of his sexy soles... Now it's time for  you to pay the man faggots! Now open those wallets and make your PayPal payments to: - Do it now! - Sir Ian

I am a 34 year old dominant money maker and master. I can be like a brother or be a total prick! But it WILL be all up to me how I feel like treating you! I stand at 5’6 but my body makes up for that - I was born a boss! I enjoy art, music, wine, photography and having fun! I am a FULL TIME student with 18 credits - SO I AM BUSY! If you beg me for attention I will laugh at you.

I look down at filthy, dirty little boys and faggots. So before you cream your jeans and read any further be prepared to serve and obey! My time is very valuable and I do not have time for stupid, time wasting blokes expecting freebies! You WILL be blocked and publicly humiliated on several networks and groups as another time waster looking for a free ride. I may not even talk to you unless you pay TRIBUTE first and even then I may still dump your pathetic existence of a worthless human being aside. You are to serve me, you are to obey me, there are no negotiations! You will work for me, you will refer to me as your boss because I own you! And if you are an HONORABLE bitch - you may get rewarded with my dick or my feet on webcam when I say at my convenience! If you miss it – tough loss. I will put you at the bottom of the bottom feeders! You will be my piggy slave, my entertainment and I will change your name!

My biggest fantasy as a dominant GOD is racial abuse and acting a skinhead. I am an inked boy looking for a little Jew boy to humiliate – and for the sake of hurting anyone’s fag feelings on here – yes, it can be hot to watch a black man take a white boy also. Some others besides a bunch of dick sucking and fucking are: Chastity/ Control,  Feet, Reasonable Pain, BDSM (Bondage, Discipline & Sadomasochism), Fisting, CBT, Rough Play - Hard Face Slapping, Spitting, Wrestling, Watersports, Puppy Play (Not with Real Dogs), Both Sadistic & Masochistic Biastophilia, Sensory Deprivation, Degradation, Spanking, Whipping etc….

You will greet me in the most proper way. I am a god and you will treat me like one with the most respect. Do not even call me master or sir, I am above that! I am hot and sexy so emptying your wallets should be that much more fun!

To be my slave is a honor. But it doesn't come easy! I am also looking for a boy to collar, a boyfriend but let me warn you - I am NOT a one boy type of Mister. I am verse and I have needs also. I am looking for a “bitch boy” to be with me for life but one that will not object to every-now-and-then leaving the room so that a real man can satisfy my void. What I seek in a boy is preferably my age or younger, honesty and respect but don’t think I am dumb enough to fall for a boy online… because I’m not. This is something that will take actually MEETING each other and dating for some time before I make it official. I firmly believe in honesty and respect and believe that those virtues are a 2 way street.

You better remember my name, you'll be screaming it later and begging for more!